Dreamer on the Loose

6 thoughts on “Dreamer on the Loose”

  1. Sam, you’ve always provided high-quality content. I am sorry if this hasn’t translated into a lucrative endeavor for you. I think it’s very hard to charge for content on the internet and would probably bring a lot of frustration. I’d suggest keeping this as a personal blog and leveraging your skill and experience on behalf of a larger organization.

  2. Sam, yeah, you’ve produced some really great stuff. I’ve often wondered how you have the time to produce quality stuff at this pace.

    Very difficult to monetize a blog, particularly with an audience of people who monetize websites for a living — I think as a group we’re allergic to ads and other marketing.

    I hope you can find a way to keep it going.

  3. Sam,
    I agree with Scott you that it is hard to monetize on onother fellow blogger/affiliate. I would say to care less about what other people thing f your site/content. Is this your passion?

    I personally would encourage you to continue writing this blog. I may be a bit selfish, since I like your blog. You started your blog in October 06 right? Some of the “prediction tools” will thell you that your site may be ranked 6 by Google next updte. Granted, not every one is as obseed as I am with Google PR. But going 0 to 6 in 4 months is not something every one can do.

    Keep the Blog!

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