Dreamer on the Loose

photo.jpgSo, the rumors are true.

I am without employment.

I secured an angel investor (and a prominent member of the online marketing community) a few months back who has been keeping me and my growing family afloat while I expound on all things online, affiliate and marketing. However, that arrangement has dissolved and Cost Per Love hasn’t been paying the bills like I hoped it would.

CostPerNews is doing well (check Alexa or Technorati if you’re fool heartedly interested in page views and rank), but it’s not making money. I’m providing consistent daily and high quality content, but no one (besides Shawn and Missy) is paying up. Maybe I haven’t found my philanthropist-in-shining-armor yet, but things are not looking well for the future of this blog at the current pace.

I’d like to keep it going, but funding is required.

So, I have a few questions and I need serious answers asap…

1) Does CostPerNews requisite me keeping it going despite my attempts to stay neutral in tone and objective in nature? In other words, is it worth it for the community?

2) Do you know anyone that is hiring? You’ve seen my content here and at samharrelson.com. I’m a problem solving dreamer who knows how to put the practical to the pedal. If you have doubts, check out my LinkedIn profile.

3) Is there anyone in the space who would hire me and allow me to keep this going? CPA networks, affilaite networks, publishers, online marketers, et al… I’m interested.

People tell me I’m an idiot and that I should charge for the content provided here a la Marketing Sherpa. I don’t think so. I don’t believe that. Information and knowledge should be free and openly available. But I have to eat.

So, please… let me know your thoughts. Or, if you need a problem solving forward thinker (a la Jason Calacanis or Robert Scoble) in your network, affiliate program or marketing platform, please let me know.

Comment below or send thoughts to sam@costpernews.com

6 Replies to “Dreamer on the Loose”

  1. Sam, you’ve always provided high-quality content. I am sorry if this hasn’t translated into a lucrative endeavor for you. I think it’s very hard to charge for content on the internet and would probably bring a lot of frustration. I’d suggest keeping this as a personal blog and leveraging your skill and experience on behalf of a larger organization.


  2. Sam, yeah, you’ve produced some really great stuff. I’ve often wondered how you have the time to produce quality stuff at this pace.

    Very difficult to monetize a blog, particularly with an audience of people who monetize websites for a living — I think as a group we’re allergic to ads and other marketing.

    I hope you can find a way to keep it going.


  3. Ask Shawn Collins: Launching a CPA Network…

    We’ll be launching a new CPA Affiliate Network early in 2007. Where would should we publicize this for maximum impact?…


  4. Sam,
    I agree with Scott you that it is hard to monetize on onother fellow blogger/affiliate. I would say to care less about what other people thing f your site/content. Is this your passion?

    I personally would encourage you to continue writing this blog. I may be a bit selfish, since I like your blog. You started your blog in October 06 right? Some of the “prediction tools” will thell you that your site may be ranked 6 by Google next updte. Granted, not every one is as obseed as I am with Google PR. But going 0 to 6 in 4 months is not something every one can do.

    Keep the Blog!


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