Sidekiq: Search Done Right


Rarely am I as impressed by a new platform online as I am by the new graphical search tool Sidekiq.

Sidekiq is based on Ajax and a few iFrame applications. The great thing about this compared to a Google or Yahoo search is the ability of the subjects of the search to determine their own destiny. Where you are, how you interact and what you do on the web results in your listings. And the listings are thorough.


Some of the categories included in the search are video (YouTube), audio (podcasts), social bookmarks (MySpace, Facebook, et al), employment (my page shows up), real estate (Zillow, etc), shopping, travel, downloads, movies and a few more.

Results do seem to come from more than just Google as well.

Sidekiq provides an interesting search experience and I highly recommend after playing with it for a few minutes. If only there were a social voting aspect for results, this would be the perfect killer app.  Let’s see SEO tackle this.

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