Affiliate Marketing On the Periphery

Affiliate marketing has a unique position within the world of online marketing.

The greatest world changers, whether in terms of religion, science, sociology, anthropology, or any other discipline have always been those pushed to the edges and marginalized.

There are two main types of marginalization:
1. Marginalization that is assigned
2. Marginalization that is embraced.

Marginalization is not accidental. Marginalization is a willful act that tries to maintain the status quo or protects the interest of those that hold the power or the money and attempt to maintain a grip on power by pushing those who disagree or attempt to push reform by marginalizing the trouble makers.

In many ways, I see affiliate marketers as the trouble makers in the general scheme of online marketing. It is a slippery channel, full of individuals not willing to easily slide into one monetized or easily defined column. That is dangerous, that is revolutionary, and that is important.

Because a group, such as affiliate marketers, are marginalized doesn’t mean that they don’t have power. Rather, they have even more power through their own imaginations, efforts, stories, convictions and forums.

Being on the periphery, or margins, and being pushed out by the power hungry center enables the potential for radical possibilities. As affiliate marketers, we are able to see things from the edges that online marketers and those in the center of power online cannot see. We are able to spot trends, such as social media and tagging, that those insulated and buffered within cannot see.

So, let’s embrace our position on the periphery in affiliate marketing. If “traditional online marketers” want to push us out to the edges of the marketing world, let’s embrace our position and enjoy the worldview which this affords.

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  1. This is one of the most bold, succinct and insightfuly entries on a very insightful Need proof? Count the comments.

    Congrats, Sam.


  2. I’d love to give Mr. Denton, or anyone interested in this space, room for an interview or post, so if you think they are interested, send them this way!


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