MyBlogLog Jumps the Shark


Yahoo gobbles up MyBlogLog for over 10 million.

This is not good news for those of us who have readily enjoyed the service over the last 8 months because the incubation period of this project has not had long enough to develop unlike or Flickr. Even though MyBlogLog has been a darling of bloggers everywhere (including myself), I think this might be the jumping the shark moment.

Expect lots of attempts at user spam and an end to innocence. Don’t be surprised if I remove the widgets here soon as the amount of spam has already been increasing on a daily basis.

Congrats to the MyBlogLog team, but I hope the integration goes well (unlike some other Yahoo services).

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  1. Heya — We’re already busting butt on the spam issue on several fronts. If anything, the Y! partnership means we’ll have more resources with more experience to help us do the job.


  2. Sweet… good to hear, Eric.

    I was an “early adopter” and certainly want to keep the community as viable as possible!

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the corporate bastards grind you down-


  3. With all this acquisition going on in the background, it is amazing Eric has time to respond, not just here but also on my blog.

    Hopefully things will settle down once people stop competing for community growth and start socialising.


  4. “Hopefully things will settle down once people stop competing for community growth and start socialising.”

    Good point, Andy. Shoemaker and Andy Beal (I think) are having that silly contest to up their numbers by giving away Zunes, etc which just defeats the whole point.

    Maybe you’re right and it’s not the software’s fault that attention whores dilute it.


  5. I already talked to Eric Sam, and he’s going to hire me to me to be his caddy.


  6. You get all the good gigs, even with your guylights. Maybe you can give me a treatment during the Summit so that I can land something.


  7. you know you got something good when your worth 10 million and shoe money thinks your going to be the biggest thing in 2007!


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