Future of Datafeeds

Do datafeeds have a future?

Will the micro-fication and niche-ification of the web render them useless or cause even more adoption of them?

Why don’t CPA networks use datafeeds?

2 thoughts on “Future of Datafeeds”

  1. Timely question, Sam. We are going to have super affiliate Scott Hazard on the Affiliate Thing show next week to discuss the state of data feeds (he’s a big user).

    As far as the reasons for CPA networks not getting deep into data feeds – well, I’d have to think it’s because most of their offers don’t lend to the use of data feeds.

    I haven’t noticed an influx of offers on CPA networks where there are dozens or hundreds of skus involved.

  2. I wrote about this in June. Data feeds are here to stay, but its usage will become less.

    Data feeds are today used for things they were not designed for in the first place. Web Services will replace a big junk of today’s feed usages. If you think Widgets are cool then wait that Web Services are fully supported and used in Affiliate Marketing. Some of the coolest widgets around today (non-Affiliate marketing) are based on Web Services.

    The Networks started experimenting with it. eBay and Amazon are way ahead of the pack and people that developed the Web Services Standards about 5-7 years ago can only say “it’s about time”. 🙂

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