Relevancy That Keeps You Going

At the hipster coffee shop across the street from the university where I teach (and where I have my “office” for office hours, advisees and pontificating about online marketing), I got the following cup wrapper on my daily cafe mocha this morning…


It’s an ad for NyQuil and DayQuil from Proctor&Gamble on a coffee cup. I understand advertising such things in heavy rotation during this time of the year (Affiliate Summit will also be Affiliate Flu Summit, I’m sure… that’s why I’m staying out in the desert at night!). I also get the reference of “… Keeps You Going” to caffeine.

However, this must be a branding attempt rather than an advertising attempt. Having a cold and needing NyQuil is not an emotional experience that I share with being at a hipster organic coffee shop. Branding yourself as relevant to the audience of such a coffee shop (where the slogan is “Community in a Cup”) is a smart move, though.

Who you are is partially defined by who you associate with.

The company behind the ad placement is BriteVision.

Who you work with, what offers you run and what networks you are a part of has a great deal of importance to how people perceive your brand.  Short term monetary gains are nice, but you can’t buy a good brand.  Keep that in mind when the payout might be higher and the grass might be greener in a less reputable field. That is especially true in the CPA Network affiliate/publisher bidding wars!

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  1. @Brian: They are playing Uncle Tupelo in the coffe shop now (Anondyne). I’m a huge fan and Wilco is my favorite band. Tweedy is my hero and idol.


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