BUMPZee! Goes Live

The Affiliate Blog List has morphed into BUMPzee! (complete with exclamation point). This all came out of a blog post a few months back.

Scott Jangro, the brains behind the project and nominee for Best Blogger (I can’t wait to see who wins in all of the areas…pretty stacked competition in every category) at this month’s Affiliate Summit in Vegas, writes:

What’s with that name? I decided to go broader than affiliate marketing in the name, though that’s all there is on the site right now. Personally, I belong to a few other communities and I can see the same sort of thing developing, but they wouldn’t mix with the affiliate stuff very well. So, with future growth in mind, I went with a silly web 2.0 type name.

So, affiliate marketers, this is your website. Create an account, spiff up your profile, keep up with industry news, and create your own. Pretty soon, I’m hoping this will be a place to connect with other affiliate marketers all over the world. Personally, in a very short time it’s been responsible for my own meeting of several new people. And that’s pretty cool.

That is pretty cool, Scott.

This is exactly the type of tool our industry needs to use since we’re not adapting to the notion of RSS on a mass level. Instead, BUMPzee! offers a chance to aggregrate the content from lots of sites, see what others are finding relevant, and communicate in a social atmposphere.

The idea is that there are lots of affiliate marketing blogs to go through. We all have our feed readers, but may miss a really good entry. If you find a blog entry that you like, come here an give it a bump.

Say what you want about web2.0, but this is going to connect people, help people be discovered, allow the cream to rise to the top, and elevate the nature of discourse in the industry.

Great job, Scott. Keep it coming.

8 Replies to “BUMPZee! Goes Live”

  1. Because of BUMPzee, I ran across a (future?) site called SEOpranos.


    I love The Sopranos. But I hate SEO.

    Hopefully it will be a great blog that helps me see the light!


  2. And I found out that InsureMe has a great affiliate blog…



  3. Thanks Sam!

    There are some really great blogs out there that I never would have found, or otherwise given a chance. Smart people worth reading.


  4. Keep it up Scott and you’re buying the drinks for sure. I like my vodka cold.


  5. We’ll see Jim, we’ll see. I like my scotch old, single-malt, and peaty.


  6. Scott, the “List” was brilliant, but now that it’s BUMPzee! it’s even better. You SCORED on the name. Perfect fit!


  7. thanks Linda! (now how about signing up? 😉 )


  8. […] If you haven’t checked out BUMPzee, I do recommend browsing and setting up an account.  The quality of content there is superb and will only continue to grow as the site itself reaches more and more readers and users. […]


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