Anything YOU Can Do, WE Can Do Better

openmoko.pngThat’s a “we” in the sense of all of us and a “you” in the sense of someone doing something without much help or expectation of help/community from others.

Take the new open source alternative to the iPhone.

Completely open Linux base and you can customize to your hearts delight. No contract, no proprietary code to keep you out (except for the GPS but that’s hackable… and the iPhone doesn’t even have GPS as Scoble has pointed out).

Here’s a chart comparing the iPhone with the OpenMoko

Interesting stuff.

So it has far less memory and no camera. You can add an SD card for up to 2 gigs and the camera… well… yeah, that’s a bummer. But, I’d rather have my soul than a camera on my phone.

I’m buying one, and you should too. Tell Jobs and AT&T where to stick their DRM. Stand up for your right to own what’s yours.

Who wants to help me build an open source CPA network?

I’m starting tomorrow. Let me know if you’re interested.

Yes, I’m dead serious!

Other networks, affiliates, merchants, tech guys, Firefox programmers, Linux programmers, consultants, Partner Makers, Affiliate Things, speakers of Porter-ese, guys with guylights and even SEO’ers are welcome to join the construction crew. Completely open source code and transparency from top to bottom. You can even take the code and start our own flavor of network.

It’s going to change the world (or at least what we’ve thought of as “affiliate marketing“) … why wouldn’t you want to help? Life’s too short not to dream big and work for good. This is the ultimate form of that good for our industry.

Open it up, distrubute the tools, encourage the debate and the mashing of teeth and watch the spirit of human ingenuity do the rest. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. So are you!

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