AOL Time Warner Buys TradeDoubler

Well, it’s almost a done deal for close to a billion dollars.

The ramifications are huge for Europe and potentially for working with international affiliates via I still can’t believe AOL/Time Warner is the buyer, but it makes sense with their strong push towards moving from a subscription revenue model to an advertising revenue model. I wonder how many investors will dump their shares after the buyout?

I’m definitely going to be asking Zanox about their thoughts on this at the Summit.

For more info and discussion check out Fraser’s UK affiliate blog and follow the news on BUMPzee.

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  1. It was important enough for the guys from CJ Germany, which I met at CJU, to break the “radio-silence” and shoot me an email 🙂

    AOL.. tsts.. You never know what you get with those guys. One day to cheap to pay for a backup system of a few servers (ODP) and a few months later out on multi million dollar shopping spree.


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