Niche Networks


Is this the future?

Rockstar Traffic is the self serve platform that directly accesses the ArcadeRockstar social gaming community. ArcadeRockstar is a 100% opt-in community of casual gamers that are both motivated and qualified consumers. With 90%+ historical advertiser retention rates our results speak for themselves.

Are other programs doing this and I just don’t know about them?

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  1. […] Courtesy of Cost Per News, RockStar Traffic is one such case. If you want PPC ads on their pages to reach their sweet sweet demographic of casual mom gamers and hard core gamers, you don’t go to Google and hope the ad makes it there, you just sign up directly and place your bids. As it should be. […]


  2. Hello,

    I am the Director of Rockstar Traffic, and I wanted to thank you for the kind words above, and update you and let you know that Rockstar Traffic is now Trafficvance (

    Nathan W. Ross


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