Sidekiq IQ: Meta Search Reaching Potential


I blogged about Sidekiq’s debut a few weeks back. The meta search engine has since taken off in popularity due to rave reviews from users (for good reason). I’ve actually replaced Google with Sidekiq as my browser start page and search engine of choice.

Within the Sidekiq video directory (which is available at or the video/tv browse category within, the Sidekiq team has added a new search functionality. Founder Steve Hemmady emailed to let me know about these new functions as Sidekiq continues to kiq butt in meta searching…

I also wanted to let you know that over this weekend, we added intelligence to it’s server called Sidekiq IQ. Sidekiq IQ server, intelligently crawls the Internet space, extracts relevant links, compiles a directory of information & makes it available through the Sidekiq UI interface.

Steve and Anuta Udyawar were previously behind (which was sold to Sybase). Onepage had a similar model to Sidekiq’s IQ with an easy to use rich UI combined with an intelligent server. It got several great reviews and developed a following based on its ease of use.

Steve is right when he pointed out to me that:

“In general, good usability comes from a combination of easy to use rich UI with intelligent/smart & scalable server as in the classic cases of Google Maps & GMail.”

If the early versions of Sidekiq are any indication of the future direction, expect to hear lots about this meta search engine in the coming months. I’m particularly enjoying the “Domain Search” function so I can keep track of which domains Shawn Collins is snapping up!

Great job, Steve and Anuta!

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