Affiliate Marketing via BitTorrent Downloads

bittorrent.jpgA company in our space will soon be releasing a platform which allows for the ability to place affiliate links in bittorrent files. Affiliates will be able to place links and check stats while advertisers will be able to select the placements depending on file type in an automated system which looks very much like a CPA network.

The company wishes to remain anonymous at this point, but will make an announcement in the next month.

I had a beta walk through tonight, and this has the potential to be huge.

Thoughts? Legal issues? Is anyone else doing something similar?


3 Replies to “Affiliate Marketing via BitTorrent Downloads”

  1. What’s a Bittorrent file? Affiliates will place links in files? Where does the consumer/user see the link? How does it (a Bittorrent file) present a call to action? Color me lost!

    Why huge? Sounds too techie to me.


  2. *slaps forehead with hand*

    Go to Wikipedia and search for “Bittorrent.” Then, install a player and enjoy Superman Returns in all of its HD-DVD glory (just kidding… the movie sucked).

    The target is/will be the early adopter crowd. The links will be placed in the primary seed of the content.

    Bittorrent is being used by bajillions of people around the world to access content…

    It’s yet another way for affiliate marketing to fulfill its promise via participatory culture.


  3. Of course, there’s always the P2P route…


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