Email and Social Media

I normally don’t post links without adding something original to the conversation.

However, this article by Sally Falkow on building an email list with social media is a must read…

I came across this via Andy Beal, so make sure to check out his informative discussion on the issue as well.


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  1. Nice find. This is yet another way for advertisers to leverage the ability of influencers in a certain niche to reach customers — the influencer doesn’t have to push your products every day, they can just say one time “hey this is a great newsletter about X and they include coupons every week, you should sign up” and their influence is instantly monetized and a relationship between customer and advertiser is not only created, but locked in.


  2. When are you going to come up with a catchy name for your meta version of affiliate marketing, Jeff D? You keep referencing the idea on Molander’s podcast and in your comments here, but I need a catchy buzzword to tag things with!


  3. I can’t find one that isn’t already taken — collaborative marketing, citizen marketing, open-source marketing — they’re all close. Ultimately it’s about completely “flattening” marketing as we know it so that anyone anytime can market a product and get compensated. If you can come up with a term I’d forever be in your debt 🙂


  4. You could ripp off Tom Friedman with “Affiliate Marketing is Flat” and call it the “flat marketing” approach. I like.

    Write up a piece and I’ll post it here as well.


  5. I like it too, and there it was staring me in the face.


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