Fear and Loathing in Sin City: Affiliate Summit Contact Stuff


I quote Hunter S

“There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning.”


As most of you already know, Wayne Porter and I are hoping to avoid the inevitability of the second coming which will be caused by 1700 money hungry affiliates, tax collectors, CPA networks, Whores of Babylon, and suit-cladded silver-tongued affiliate network devil reps gathering in the midst of Sin City.

It’s going to be epic, folks.

Here’s some info on our gonzo activities:

5 Star Coverage
Shawn’s Take
Wayne’s Word

When we’re not burning dollars out in the desert, we will be at the conference. I fly in tomorrow (Friday) night around 10 and have already heard of a few goings on. I’d like to have a signficant level of intoxication while I attempt to set up my tent in the cold dark desert by myself (Wayne flies in on Saturday) in order to properly greet any rattlers that may be sharing the space with me. So, if you are doing any pre-partying or socializing on Friday night please let me know.

On Saturday, I think Wayne and I are doing a pod/video cast for anyone interested in joining. We’ll tape it at Bally’s for ease of use. You won’t miss us, so if you want to participate, just join in. Maybe we’ll be there to greet you at the door as you check in and we’ll push a camera in your face and ask you what you hope to accomplish at the Summit. Or maybe we’ll flush a cherry bomb down Shawn’s toilet and record the results. It will inevitably involve a camera.

Saturday night is Affiliate Dinner (sold out… great job, Brook)

Sunday morning is the Gospel Brunch with Wade (anticipating the Second Coming again and hedging my bets). Jim Kukral is buying everyone drinks on Sunday afternoon at the main Bally’s bar downstairs so make sure to be there from 3-6 for free drinks. Jim’s hair dresser has been on vacation, so I’m volunteering to do a guy-lights application at the bar. It will be on YouTube for those of you who miss it, of course.

Sunday night is the big music party, then Monday is the floor walking, hand shaking, card making experience. I have a few meetings and interviews set up but do have some free time for a chat, podcast or pontification.

I have to fly out late Monday night (around midnight) to be back in NC so that I can teach at 8:00am, but I will be at one of the Monday night parties until I have to exit.

SO, if you’d like to meet up and share a drink and some conversation you can contact me the following ways:

1) Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/samharrelson. Add me as a friend and I’ll be shooting out periodic updates and gossip (as I’m sure everyone will). ShareASale is doing some cool stuff with their twittering, so sign me up as a friend just to follow that experiment along.

2) Mobile: 803-413-6834. Feel free to text or call me on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I’ll have it on my possession constantly. Hopefully there is reception in the desert.

3) AIM: sbharrelson22

4) I’ll be live blogging here on CPN as well. So, check CPN while you’re sinning it up.

My advice? Stay away from the crap tables. While that normally refers to a betting game, it can also mean certain booths of companies with ill-repute. You know who they are.

My other advice? If you’re an affiliate, dress as casually as possibly. The less formal you are, the more important your affiliate status must be because it appears you aren’t trying to impress anyone. So, don’t comb your hair, wear flip flops, forgo shaving and look like you’ve been sleeping in the desert for the past few nights… oh… wait.

We’ll leave it with Gram Parsons…

This old town is filled with sin,
It’ll swallow you in
If you’ve got some money to burn.
Take it home right away,
You’ve got three years to pay
But Satan is waiting his turn

This old earthquake’s gonna leave me in the poor house.
It seems like this whole town’s insane
On the thirty-first floor your gold plated door
Won’t keep out the Lord’s burning rain

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8 Replies to “Fear and Loathing in Sin City: Affiliate Summit Contact Stuff”

  1. I’m at my “office” in the coffee shop across the street from the University, and I kid you not… “Sin City” by Gram just came on the XM channel being broadcast.

    Creepy, but it gives me goose bumps and makes me grin wide.


  2. Nice work Sam. I’d prefer you attempt to put my guylights in before I buy you 10 glasses of scotch. Tell you what, I’ll buy drinks for anyone who goes and sleeps in the desert with you two. Just bring me back a dad scorpion to prove you were there.


  3. Dad scorpion- well bring back mom too. This is Gonzo journalism Jim. Expect the unexpected, take nothing for granted and I am not sure if I am the guy driving the car or the dude next to Hunter. Doesn’t matter- it’s Gonzo- expect long podcasts- long vcasts-

    Sam- if I dont get medical clearance there is a nice desert in SL we can park our avatars and grief people.



  4. Wasn’t Gonzo from the muppet show?

    You better wake up in the tent at 6am to get to Ballys by 8 for our meeting!


  5. sleep…the non motivated….


  6. The Run Up to Affiliate Summit…

    Jim Kukral from ReveNews is running a series of Vlog-terviews where he conducts videos interviews remotely and posts them to his blog….


  7. Sam,

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!



  8. Sam said:
    Jim Kukral is buying everyone drinks on Sunday afternoon at the main Bally’s bar downstairs so make sure to be there from 3-6 for free drinks.

    Jim said:
    Tell you what, I’ll buy drinks for anyone who goes and sleeps in the desert with you two. Just bring me back a dad scorpion to prove you were there.

    Hmm….fear and confusion in the Sin City, eh?


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