Affiliate Gonzo: AffiliateCampBeta Goes Mobile

Google Security VIP / Microsoft Security MVP / Affiliate Marketing Legend Wayne Porter and I have been spending the afternoon in a Vegas hotel blogging, thinking and creating some fantastic new paradigms for affiliate and online marketing. It is Day 0 of Affiliate Summit West and we’ve enjoyed ourselves at Affiliate Dinner and this morning’s Gospel Brunch with Wade Tonkin and the Christian Affiliate Marketers crowd.

Tonight we’re at a hotel off The Strip, preparing our gear. I think we’ve solved the whole equation of marketing, social media and how to exist on the web. Email us for the answers.

Mobile is the next big thing, right? So, has taken on a mobile nature, constantly moving. So, we might end up in a campsite tonight, we might end up rolling our sleeping bags out in a 7 Eleven on Flamingo Road, we may even end up in jail.

Much in the spirit of web2.0 (Wayne is speaking on that tomorrow so we’ve been trying to think of something unique and post-modern to throw out to the crowds), AffiliateCamp Beta goes to where the action is and seeks to exist in that fragile and tension filled moment between creativity and production…


As Wayne points out in his post about our beta experiment, you can try to find us out in the desert tonight or tomorrow night, but we’re not sure where we’re going to end up. We’ve got our gear, we’re mobile and we’re moving to follow where the conversation leads us.

That may be hell it may be nirvana or a mix of both. Wherever it ends up, it was the path that was the point all along.

Affiliate marketing, in all ways, is a journey of self-discovery and examination and finding a meaningful place to live and exist within that new found location. We place things like links and pageviews on top of that location, but underneath all of those trappings is a living, beating heart constantly trying to innovate and challenge barriers. That’s what our little experiment is all about, and hopefully we’ll help expose some of that delicate tissue which keeps the ingenuity going throughout the veins of the web.

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