Social Media, Email’s Rebound and What’s Ahead


Email is still around, and just as vibrant as ever. As I’ve remarked earlier, social media has helped to drive the consistent toehold of email, as it is the prerequisite vehicle for registration information and new updates. Marketers and consumers alike haven’t joined the RSS movement and “reading feeds” is still something reserved mostly for early adopters and tech geeks. It doesn’t look to be changing either. I’d love to see a study on teenage usage of RSS data, but in my university classes I’m not seeing any use of RSS or feeds by students (or colleagues).

So, where is email to go with this new found authority?

I’d suggest taking a look at Dot Email if you are a merchant, affiliate or network interested in future trends of email marketing and usage:

Dot Email is a FREE online community for email marketers to share ideas, keep up with news, learn tricks of the trade and complain about the vexing issues that hurt the industry. Just as anything communal, you get out of it what you put into it.

There are other forums discussing similar issues, but the niche style of this forum makes it particularly valuable info for anyone in online or affiliate marketing. The innovations that email will drive will come from forums such as this, so you’re doing yourself a favor by keeping on the pulse of this sector of our market.

Thanks to Alan Hume for the post idea and this link with more info on the platform!

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