Affiliate Summit Saturday Night

364311482_383f8c5fd6.jpgLots of great highlights from tonight. At the Schaaf Co. Affiliate Dinner, I sat with Wayne Porter, Revenue Magazine’s Lisa Picarille, Riya’s Beth Kirsch, Blogkits/ReveNews’ Jim Kukral and DigitalRiver’s Todd Crawford while Brian Littleton, Brook Schaaf, Missy Ward and Corey Newhouse gave Shawn Collins a proper roasting.

It was a great socializing event to kick things off here in Vegas. Lots of affiliates, merchants and a healthy dose of fun.

364236904_490e3619aa.jpgTomorrow morning is the Gospel brunch with Wade Tonkin followed by Jim Kukral’s guylights treatments and the ShareASale concert show.

Wayne Porter and I are heading out to the campsite tomorrow after enjoying our last night of civilization in a hotel room off the strip. We’re waiting for a late nite pizza now.

More to come tomorrow.

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  3. what a week (and it was literally a week for us)!

    Jim, it was great to meet you and so many others!


  4. wow, I am officially worn out…I posted to Jim on the wrong blog. sorry ’bout that.

    I think sleep is a good idea right now.


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