Analytics are Holding Back Affiliate Marketing

2 thoughts on “Analytics are Holding Back Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Jeff Molander commented in that podcast that “It’s taken us how many years to get to the point where we have a conference?”

    He touts himself as some sort of insider, but he sounds so clueless.

    It’s not tough to search Google and find that “we” have had a conference dedicated to affiliate marketing every year since 1999.

    Affiliate Solutions took place for the first time at the Harvard Club in NYC on April 5, 1999. There were a total of seven Affiliate Solutions shows from 1999 to 2001 in NYC, London and San Francisco.

    Affiliate Force had their first show March 15-17, 2000 in Miami. Affiliate Force was held annually through 2003.

    Affiliate Summit kicked off their series of shows on November 3, 2003 in NYC and have had one show or more each year since then.

    IIR also ran a number of affiliate marketing specific conferences in 2000-2001.

    So by my count, there has been one or more conference dedicated to affiliate marketing every year for eight straight years.

    Maybe Mr Molander should get out more often.

  2. Good point, Industry Veteran.

    Industry conferences are certainly nothing new for our sphere. And unlike many other industries, our conferences are actually productive. As I’ve said before, I find Affiliate Summit to be a much better use of time and money than AdTech or the “larger” shows because they are too broad in scope. Even with 1700 people here, it feels like a power networking atmosphere with a base line knowledge of what everyone else does, but with an interest in doing more business with new people.

    Off to Wade’s morining brunch. I’m going to try and hike the 3 miles to the Mandalay, so we’ll see how that goes!


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