Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Mobile Auctions and US Adoption

In my spare time (all 10 minutes a day of it), I have been working on my Japanese, which along with the mobile marketing presentation at this year’s Affiliate Summit West by Linkshare VP Karen Verelly, has me thinking…

When will mobile infiltrate the US to the point that mobile users begin purchasing things through mobile auctions?

Will it take a mobile eBay with PayPal mobile? Or a GooglePhone pre-loaded with Checkout and Google Buy (or Google Auction)?

I think it will rely on the divorce between the hardware makers and the service companies. The iPhone partnering exclusive with Cingular (AT&T) was a major step backwards when it could have driven the mobile marketing revolution here in the US.

What is Linkshare doing to make this sea change happen sooner than later?

Think of:




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Posted: 01.24.2007

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