Web2.0: Affiliate Marketing Land of Confusion

11 thoughts on “Web2.0: Affiliate Marketing Land of Confusion”

  1. So the web 2.0 panelists couldn’t even agree on what is web 2.0 marketing? 🙂

    I was reading:

    “that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users.”

    So wouldn’t forums fall into that, which have been around for years. How about chat rooms? I think it’s one of those topics where there’s going to be continuing disagreement and confusion on.

    How would you define web2.0?

  2. I think he’s looking for a more concise definition, something that he can point to and say “that’s what web 2.0 is.” I think that’s hard to do because so many people have adopted it inappropriately, so maybe this is a good place to do it. In a nutshell I’d say it’s about users controlling (and creating) the content and the experience of a site.

  3. “Web2.0 is not a marketing style, but a life style, which forces someone to know their audience, whether they are attempting to sell a product on the web or an idea on a panel discussion.”

    It’s a lifestyle? I don’t know, it’s just too Terrence Malick for me. The panel discussion I just quoted, are you talking about the panel discussion you were just at during the Summit? So Web2.0 doesn’t even have to be on the web? Online collaboration, sharing among users = forums, communities etc. That on steroids or with widgets, Web2.0?

    “Affiliate marketing needs clarity and concise points about web2.0 in order to get more affiliates thinking about these platforms.”

    I think anything out there that affiliates think will help in their business they’re going to take a look at. I don’t think it’s really an issue or necessity that it ever gets a concise definition. There is one camp on the issue who think it’s nothing but a meaningless marketing buzzword.

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