Is There Value in the Affiliate Marketing Me.Dium?

Me.dium is a new service which makes use of our base and primal need as animals to share our experiences. Blogs do this, emails do this, and conversation through language does this.

However, there hasn’t been a scalable and measurable way to adequately determine the value of this human instinct we all share (even we only children who are shy and prefer our “alone time”).

Since affiliate marketing is best described as a relationship focused industry, it would be highly valuable for affiliate marketers to be able to quantify the social nature of traffic.

Me.dium might be a step in that direction.

In the real world, the people and activity around you constantly effect your decisions and behaviors.

No one has ever been able to benefit from these environmental influences online. Our current online experience deprives us of the wisdom of crowds and the day-to-day interaction that happens between strangers in the real world.

Me.dium reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser. Without having to do anything differently than you normally do, Me.dium shows you your online world and allows you to communicate with friends and others in a natural, contextual manner. It lets you see what else is around you and relevant based on what you’re doing – all in REAL TIME. Just like the way you interact in the real world.

What I think is valuable is the concept behind this plugin. In my opinion, this is World of Warcraft guild communing and socializing meets social shopping sites such as FatWallet or ThisNext. In many ways, this type of application democratizes the traffic pattern and allows users to influence their friends and others in a paradigm that models real life.

Interesting concept.

I was invited to a private beta for Me.dium, so if you’d like to try the service, let me know and I’ll send over an invite as well.

More from Jerry Paffendorf here and Ajaxian here.

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3 Replies to “Is There Value in the Affiliate Marketing Me.Dium?”

  1. tried it out this evening but turns out they were ‘dugg’ into oblivion today and their sidebar wasn’t working.


  2. You’re right, Scott. Everything is back up now, though. I’ve been playing with the service for a few hours off and on this evening and it’s pretty interesting to browse around to some of the more popular sites and chat with others about content on the site. The Engadget site was particularly fun.

    I emailed them and asked for some info on how this could work with Aff Marketing, so I’ll let you know what I hear back from them.


  3. yeah, it’s back and working for me. Very cool. Being a Safari user, there’s a hurdle to get me to fire up Firefox. This may do it.

    Actually, this plus stumbleupon, which I’m just trying out today for the first time, may pull me back over to Firefox. It’s like a human tug-o-war between Safari and FF for me.


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