New BUMPzee Widget

Scott Jangro’s BUMPzee affiliate marketing community has continued to grow and improve since its official launch about a month ago.

Now Scott has upped the ante with a plugin that can be placed on affiliate marketing blogs, which allows readers to “bump” a post right from the page where they are reading.

I’ve installed the plugin on the permalinks page here at CostPerNews. So, click on an individual post’s title to see the widget in action…

The number of users who have created profiles and actively use the site has grown to 144. While a small number, those 144 include many of the top minds, affiliates, merchants and networks in the affiliate marketing space. In this type of community, exposure to 144 of the top movers and shakers in the industry is highly valuable. I anticipate that number will continue to increase, but I can’t imagine a more high quality group of affiliate marketing professionals.

If you haven’t checked out BUMPzee, I do recommend browsing and setting up an account. The quality of content there is superb and will only continue to grow as the site itself reaches more and more readers and users.

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