WOW: Vista Site Not Impressed with FireFox


In preparing for an objective post on this week’s release of Vista and its potential impact on affiliate marketing, I decided to visit Microsoft’s newest attempt at tapping into customer generated buzz… “Show Us Your Wow.”

Microsoft is using the “Wow Starts Now” as it’s catch phrase for Vista similar to its other less-than-catchy “Welcome to the Social” for its Zune player (I hear “The Social” is a nightclub in Toronto…).

In my attempt to pull up, I was greeted by the unfriendly “you are not using IE7, so none shall pass” Black Knight (I even tried using my wife’s laptop which runs Windows but the same result with FireFox there)…

I know you are a business, Microsoft. I understand that you have to put up gate keeping Black Knights to force people to use your products, because if you let choice enter into the market you would sink rather quickly as a business. But at least let us poor Firefox users experience the WOW as well. It looks fun judging by her expression. I promise I won’t sneer (too much).

[EDIT: Just found out that ABW is discussing the issue of FireFox’s compatibility with Vista here.]

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