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sign-up-now.jpgWhich affiliate network, CPA network or merchant affiliate marketing program has the best sign up form and process?

My vote at the moment goes to Commission Junction.

When will the sign up process in affiliate marketing be revolutionized… or at least changed? Of course signing up for a program should require a level of strictness to insure quality and reliability. But let’s face it… in affiliate marketing the sign up process is threatening, boring, dull and laborious. Who wants to join a network with a sign up process straight out of Bedrock?

I know that the sign up process costs many programs at least a few dozen or hundred affiliates every month. Just imagine what people new to the affiliate world must go through when they encounter a DirecTrack sign up process.

If they could all just be as simple, friendly and complete as Google…

Do you know how many potential affiliates you are loosing during the sign up process on your network, program or merchant site??

(AdSense doesn’t count for your answer of best sign up process, so don’t even think about using that!).

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  1. I was thinking about that in the past too, but did not followed up with it. I will not go into full detail (yeah I have a lot of thoughts to this), but simply say.

    If you would treat the process like a retailer does the process of generating sales and apply common analytics to it, starting the conversion funnel at the time when the affiliate gets exposed to your offer (the affiliate program) up to the point where it generates traffic, conversion statistics would start telling horror stories.

    Just think about statistics that talk about how much affiliates signed up and actually become active. That number is already bad in most cases.

    Now consider how much people that showed interest in the program actually made it through the sign-up to begin with and how much potential affiliates got already lost on the way up to that point.

    Just steal some ideas from high converting retailers and apply that in modified form (adjusted to affiliate marketing) to the process and I am promising you a major jump in “ROI”.

    Hint: Think about what information do you need from a potential affiliate at which point of the process and which information are not needed right from the start and only relevant for some potential case in the future that is relevant for 10-20% of your ACTIVE affiliates.

    Here goes my short comment 🙂
    Just imagine If I would go into the details hehe.

  2. hello there ow are you doing .well i juss like your programme and i will always like it.keep it up

  3. hello there ow are you doing .well i juss like your programme and i will always like it.keep it up

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