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4 thoughts on “Sign Up – ShareASale Gets It Right”

  1. Coincidentally, prompted by the urgings of a kind but persistent network rep, I ran through a CPA network’s signup process yesterday.

    Her pitch was, take two minutes and check it out. “it’ll make me very happy.” (Yeah, I’m a softie.)

    So I did. Step 1 was fine, and I could leave out my SSN/tax info. Definitely not necessary if I’m just kicking tires. Step 3 was full-on W9 info. I pressed on (again, softie).

    Maybe it’s just me, but if you want to get someone in, lighten the requirements a bit. Clearly tax info is needed, but down the road there’s another stick to wave at me to get that info — payment.

  2. Completely agreed… having to download a W9, print it out and fax it back in right away for admission to a network is an incredibly steep (and arguably silly) barrier to entry.

  3. Is shareasale a good program for a smaller company looking to pursue an affiliate program as a marketer? I;ve looked into quite a few CPA and would like to find one without a lot of upfront expense, fees, and high monthly fees. Suggestions are welcomed.

  4. Interested in shareasale program-is this the best for a small company looking to test out the affiliate marketing without a lot of upfront costs? suggestions are welcomed.

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