Jangro’s “Did You Pass Math?” Fix Solves Akismet Problem

5 thoughts on “Jangro’s “Did You Pass Math?” Fix Solves Akismet Problem”

  1. I’d definitely say it’s been worthwhile from my end. Fishing through the hundreds of spam comments in “Awaiting Moderation” every night was a time consuming pain. Now, in the words of John C. Dvorak, “I get no spam.”

    I’ve also got the “Simple Trackback Verification” plugin installed to cut down on trackback spam, and that has worked like a charm. Highly recommend it in addition to the “Did You Pass Math” plugin (with Jangro’s addition).

    In the end, I think it comes down to your audience. If people hated the math question, I’d try something else (like Spam Karma), but for the moment it seems to be a nice fix which isn’t too much of a pain on anyone while allowing for free flowing conversation.

  2. It was an interetsting test for me on Jangro.com.

    I wasn’t at all concerned with the affiliate audience dealing with the extra question, but I get at least as many comments from “regular people” on my Samsung DLP posts.

    They’re why I felt it was critical to modify the math plugin to make it more friendly. Comments don’t seem to have slowed down there at all. (I still get at least one coment a day on something I wrote last summer, going on 300 comments now.)

    The moderate trackbacks plugin is mandatory along with the math plugin.

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