Affiliate Thing Podcast on Affiliates and Web2.0


dna.jpgI did an interview with Lisa Picarille and Shawn Collins on the Affiliate Thing podcast, which is now up on their site for public consumption.

Interview with Sam Harrelson, Cost Per News founder and widget king.

Widget king? I don’t know about that, but I do find a good deal of promise and like to evangelize about how affiliate marketing’s future and those little window gadgets (hence ‘wid-gets’) are intertwined like the two strands of genetic material which make up the double helix of DNA.

DNA contains the information which allows all of the cells, tissues and resultingly larger and larger units in our bodies to function, grow and reproduce. That information is stored along and in the midst of double helix structure. The information is stored in a way very similar to how our computer stores and process bytes, and I like to think of bytes in our computers and on the web as analogs to the types of information which allows for cellular function and growth as they both are basically answering “yes” or “no” (or “1” and “0”) questions millions of times.

On a macro level, I see widgets and a few of the web2.0 platforms that have emerged (tagging, micro-formats, widgets) as carriers of the same types of information that will ultimately help to determine how online marketing, especially affiliate marketing, will continue to function, grow and reproduce.

However, this symbiotic relationship is not a given or completely obvious, even though I think it is a natural fit, and requires careful observations of our programs and marketing strategies to see the benefits of combining our affiliate marketing efforts with widgets or tagging. However, the pay offs are well worth it.

So, give the show a listen (it’s about 30 minutes) and let me (or Lisa and Shawn) know what you think. I think it’s an interesting yet practical discussion and one that we need to have every day!

Here’s the mp3 of Affiliate Thing 9.

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  1. […] I know Sam Harrelson is may be listening as I was to him…I am going to cast a video runestone widget in his honor and I enjoyed the DNA parrallel he makes on his blog…the irony may not be lost on Steve either. […]


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