ShareASale’s Month of Interface

The ShareASale team is really stepping up to the plate and doing some great things to improve the user experience for both affiliates and merchants.

Welcome to a string of blogs that will introduce features from our “Month of the Interface” which begins today, February 1st. 🙂

Each business day we will introduce a new feature or report, some will be “big” changes, some “little” ones.

As we go along, some of the reports we are introducing in stages so that you can get used to a new feature’s basic use before going deeper into the report…

Today’s new feature is the “Merchant Timespan Report,” which is a nifty AJAX powered summarized report on numbers, per merchant, over a chosen timeframe. Head over to their blog for a screen shot.

Some of you may recognize the technology used behind the report as “Ajax” which we have used in an attempt to make the report more interactive, faster, and easier to use (no reloading of the page).

Great job and idea, ShareASale. I’m incredibly excited to follow along throughout the month of February to see the rest of the new features and reports coming out. Coming right on the heels of Affiliate Summit, which pumped us all up again, this sort of serial installment of updates (including in house blog coverage) is sure to create some buzz and positive bumps!

Keep raising the bar!

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