Snow Day

Got up at 4:30, took the pups out, got dressed, had my coffee and was ready to go for a day of teaching at GWU.  I’d repeatedly called into the University’s weather hotline all last night and this morning and according to the nice sounding lady’s voice on the recording, classes were still being held today.

So, I get into my car and make it about 40 minutes down the road from Asheville.  When I hit the Saluda grade, I decided to call the hotline once more just to make sure we were having classes because NPR was reading out all of the closings in the area.  Sure enough, classes were cancelled.   Ugh.

I’m glad for a day off, but at this point, I’d rather go ahead and teach!  We were covering the Exodus today and had a reading quiz scheduled, so this puts us yet another day behind (I spent too much time on Genesis 1 and 2).  Squeezing the entire Old Testament into one semester is unbelievably hard, especially when you have so much passion for the topics we are covering (and the students are beginning to ask good questions about the Documentary Hypothesis, etc).

Anyways, I’m kicking back with some Neil Young, hot chocolate, Josephus and Schaefer today.  I’ll send pics to Flickr if things get fun outside.

Enjoy your day, whereever you are!

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