Sociable Plugin with BUMPzee

I’m not sure how many of my readers use social bookmarking sites, let alone which network they use. I’ve used the Sociable plugin in the past to help you bookmark content here, but wasn’t sure of the plugin’s effectiveness.

Through an email from Jonathan (Trust), I discovered Andy Beard’s awesome alteration of the plugin to include BUMPzee as a choice.

So, that was incentive enough for me to bring back the Sociable plugin (see at the end of the post).

If you don’t use a bookmarking site or social network, I do recommend it. I use for my personal bookmarks and Ma.gnolia for CostPerNews bookmarks, which show in the site’s feed. Which is a great reminder that you should subscribe to the site feed here because there are many things I read and tag through Ma.gnolia that I don’t write about… and feed subscribers get a daily digest of those links. It’s a nifty way for me to say “hey, look at this” without having to email or post.

So, let me know what you think of the plugin and try out the BUMPzee option since I added it in to the php file, so it’s not officially supported.

Thanks Andy and Jonathan!

4 thoughts on “Sociable Plugin with BUMPzee”

  1. BTW I think Andy Beal has had enough free mentions this week 😉

    Does the download now contain the additions? No change on the site and I didn’t actually get an email saying if changes are in.
    Hopefully one final tweak will make it in, but that version should work for now.

    Both Bumpsee and PlugIM you are allowed to submit yourself. In fact Bumpsee you are just bumping as they pickup your content automatically.

    1. Oh man… many apologies, Andy! I’ve changed it to your name in the post.

      I’ll blame my faux pas on my pre-caffinated brain.

      The download still doesn’t contain BUMPzee or Plug IM yet. I’ll keep checking today to see when/if it gets included. I’ve emailed into the plugin author to make the same suggestion.


  2. I got the code for Bumpzee and PlugIM and just integrated it, so it will be in the 2.0 release, which I plan to be later tonight.

    (note to blog owner: there’s two checkboxes here for subscribing to comments, that probably ain’t right)

    1. Good catch, Peter. Hadn’t seen that since I’m constantly “logged in” through WordPress.

      Thanks for stopping by and integrating Bumpzee and PlugIM. I’ll be updating my code here as well.

      Great plugin, so keep it up!


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