March 2007

Human Marketing and Professional Blogs

There’s a place and a catchy name for the type of marketing that I practice. Components Amateur Responsible Democritized Fragmented Non-hierarchical Based on Attention Individualistic Open Source Smale scale and micro profits Value of ideas as well as commodity products. Small Affiliate marketing has (had?) the chance, but it seems tainted, circumscribed and entirely sure …

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I’ve finally gotten enough invites to get my FaceBook page in order.  It was worth joining to see that my hero Larry T. McGehee has a page with over 50 pictures that he keeps up to date. So, if you’ve got a FaceBook profile, feel free to add me as a friend.


I’ve gone from being a skinny and physically active college freshman to being an out of shape and overweight teacher, writer, consultant and online marketer. Those things are great for the mind, but not for the body. Right now I’m somehwere in the 200-210 range and need to get down to 175-180 since I’m right …

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Upgrade to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

Just upgraded my beloved Ubuntu laptop (a Sony Vaio VGN-FE770G purchased last November) to Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn). Everything seems wonderful so far. I love the easy integration of Compiz desk effects and wireless worked right away. I’ll keep updating with my experience, but so far I’m happy and impressed!


… is hard work. I miss Ze.

New Phone Number

I’ve got a new universal phone number for my mobile, office and Skype numbers: 828.414.1824 If you ring that number, you’ll get a hold of me. So, please change my number in your address book. BTW, this is through a great new service called GrandCentral which allows you to aggregate all of your numbers so …

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I love it. A worldwide view of people offering up random details and thoughts. I call this the “God Machine”… 


I love pranks. They ground us in reality, make us re-asses our stupidity of seriousness and bring us back to the realization that we’re a bunch of atoms. This is still my favorite prank of all time (and not just because my alma mater Yale rocked Harvard with it)…’s_%22We_Suck%22_Prank 

Hacking the Super Bowl

Whether or not this is “true” (does it really matter?), it’s an amazing story that reads like a Chuck Palahniuk book… 

To Ze

Thank you zo much, Ze. You changed my life… one day at a time. Chik-a-quack-quack.

Twitter in the Wall Street Journal

Just posted on the WSJ online is an in-depth article about Twitter (no subscription required) and it’s (ir?)relevance for all sorts of things.  The choice is yours on that relevancy scale.  Personally, I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced blogging. Particularly fun to read is this interesting interchange between Tara Hunt and Robert Scoble… …

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Phases and Stages, Circles and Cycles

Should I just merge CostPerNews with this site? I’m tired of blogging in two places, then Twitterin‘ then keeping my Tumblelog going. Well, the last two ain’t that hard (and I really enjoy both of them), but blogging similar thoughts in two different places seems a little silly at this point in my career. Maybe …

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My Final Four

My Final Four? Florida Kansas Texas Memphis Texas wins it all.  I hope. Where are my Iowa State Cyclones??

Twitter and Tumblr

With all the recent Twitter love, it seems that Tumblr has been left on the side of the road. I still love you, Tumblr.  Keep rockin’.

Home Improvement

Ugh. Two weeks of scraping concrete off of hardwood and I’m sick of home improvement.  In 1992, the owners of our house decided it would be a great idea to tile both the kitchen and the hallway with blue tile that is reminiscent of the YMCA locker rooms. Sadly, they put tile directly on top …

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Helpful Affiliate Marketing Web2.0 Tools

Last night I had a long conversation with a consulting client interested in what sort of web2.0 tools I used to advise people on affiliate marketing programs. Here’s the initial list I came up with off the top of my head… Zoho 30Boxes Twitter BaseCampHQ Meebo GMail Google Reader WordPress FeedBurner