Month: March 2007

weird… having a hard time up…

weird… having a hard time uploading video to youtube in firefox, but works fine in IE7. darn vista

mistakingly took a nap for 2 h…

mistakingly took a nap for 2 hours… amazing how your body shuts down after a few sleepless nights of work. stupid biology.

Google Docs vs Zoho

         I write a lot of documents.  Let me clarifity that…  I write a TON of documents, spreadsheets and even presentations.  However, I’ve always hated Microsoft Office, so I’ve constantly sought out ways to get around using that clumsy and inefficient piece of software. Originally, I came across Writely and loved it.  I even had Anna using Writely for a few months.  Then, Writely was acquired by Google and turned into Google …

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Affiliate Fortune Cookies

I think I’m going Tumblr crazy. After finding a compromise between my beloved blog here and my tumblelog, I’ve set one up to focus exclusively on affiliate markeitng… Affiliate Fortune Cookies Should be interesting to see if people use it.  But honestly… just like my blogs, this site is more for me.  I love the idea of a running and easy to use compilation that functions as more than a link blog.  Plus, I don’t …

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How to Find my Pictures, Diggs, Twitters, Bookmarks and Clips

Head over (and bookmark or grab the feed if you’d like) to: Everything I twitter, digg, send to Flickr or bookmark on will be added there right away.  So, I’ll be using this space for extended ramblings, thoughts and paper publishing.  I’ll be using that page as an extension of this one to keep track of curious, interesting and relevant things I come across during my hours and hours of internet browsing every …

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Compromise Between My Blog and My Tumblr Page

So I think I’ve struck a happy medium between my blog that you’re reading now and my Tumblr page ( I’m going to use the Tumblr page for all of my social bookmarks at places like Digg,, Ma.gnolia and (hopefully one day) BUMPzee. I’m also going to direct all of my Flickr images to show up there and anything that I find interesting or amusing on YouTube, etc. In other words, my Tumblr page …

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On tonight’s to-do list: total lunar eclipse.

On tonight’s to-do list: total lunar eclipse. Totality occurs at… ( On tonight’s to-do list: total lunar eclipse. Totality occurs at 5:44pm ET and will last about an hour. On the east coast of the US, the moon will already be eclipsed when it rises. Best bet for seeing it is Africa, Europe, and the Middle East (see map).

Tumblr Getting Better

I love the idea of Tumblr.  I’ve even considered moving “” to my Tumblr site (  Maybe I will one day. Now you can integrate feeds from, flickr, Twitter, or any site with an RSS feed. The convergence is upon us!  Check out my site for an idea of what you can do… sam harrelson

Ze Frank: Only 2 Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Days Left

It’s starting to get sad. What are we going to do on March 18 when there is no show? Probably cry.  And make finger fruits.  I’m starting to realize that each one of these shows have taken on a certain permanence in my mind because I can remember where I was for most of these. “Ah yeah, I watched that one after a tough day of teaching 8th graders last April.” “That was an awesome …

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Helper Dogs Trained to Work ATM’s

Schaefer is applying to the program to help people clean out their pantry’s and food cabinets… Neatorama » Blog Archive » Im at Ur ATM Helpin U Bank.

Boom Goes the Power

The transformer on the powerline outside our house just exploded (second time in a week).  I didn’t do it.  I swear. Anyway, at least it’s in the 50’s with bright sunshine today.  Not a bad day to be forced outside to get some work done in the books. I have about 25 books piled up beside my desk that I <strike>want</strike> need to read.  I also have a quiz from last week that I need …

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The First TwitterQuake

According to my Twittering contacts and friends in California, there was an earthquake about 11:30 EST on Thursday night: thomashawk earthquake. A lengthy discussion of responses, accounts and experiences followed. Amazing time to be a human being.  Simply amazing.  I urge you to join the fun and set up a Twitter account.  Let me know if you (or already have) do so that we can connect!

I Love This Theme

If you have a WordPress blog, do yourself a favor and check out this site: There are three themes there that I absolutely love for their simplicity.  This one is my favorite (for the time being) but the theme of that site itself is appealing as well. Themes are so important… especially for post-modern deconstructionists!

New Feed Address

Apologies to all, but with the move to a hosted WordPress blog, I’m also consolidating and changing my feeds. So, the feed address you need to use is: For those of you who don’t read feeds, for shame!  Try Google Reader, Newsgator, FeedDemon, Bloglines or any of the dozens of readers out there.  You can even subscribe to feeds on your personalized Google homepage, your Netvibes page or your My Yahoo page.  There’s no …

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