Month: October 2007

David and Hayden Bullard

We’ll miss you, David… Columbia, SC: Family says soldier from Marion killed in Afghanistan

My Cousin’s Death in Afghanistan

David was my cousin, but functioned more as a brother.  While growing up, there wasn’t a week that went by when we didn’t see each other.  We spent countless hours reading comics, drawing comics, watching Beavis and Butthead, playing with GI Joe’s and re-enacting our Transformers scenes in the backyards.  He was always Superman and I was always Batman. My favorite memory of David?  The day we decided to walk to the comic shop a …

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GMail Changes?

I’m seeing a few subtle and not so subtle changes in GMail tonight. 1) Quicker message loading 2) New graphics (the yellow type found in Google Reader) at the top of the screen for loading messages 3) New contacts manager which is very slick and a great upgrade 4) The ability to add an event invitation when composing or replying to messages. Nothing revolutionary, but pretty neat tweaks given last week’s big inclusion of IMAP …

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ScratchBack: Blog Widget With a Sense of Fun

My pal Jim Kukral has just launched ScratchBack after a long period of development and testing. I’ve blogged about all of the specifics on ReveNews. If you have a blog and are looking for a way to make a few extra bucks via a tipjar system (the links are “nofollow” which means Google won’t punish you for selling them), this is a easy way to do so. Plus, Jim has built in a little social …

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Affiliate Summit East ’08 in Boston

Looking forward to travelling to Bean Town for the Affiliate Summit next summer… It’s official – Affiliate Summit is going to Boston next summer from August 10-12, 2008. Affiliate Summit Goes to Boston | Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins

SEO and the Cargo Cult of Google Watching

Merlin Mann lays down the smack on SEO.  Good stuff that I can’t agree with more (and a darn fine analogy to Cargo Cults): Most SEOs are making headphones out of coconuts, hoping it brings traffic, and then wondering why the gods are so angry at them. They never get that the headphones probably aren’t hooked up to anything but their make-believe radio. Kung Fu Grippe: Cargo Cult

Correction: So You Can Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program

Last Friday during my ConvergeSouth workshop on affiliate marketing for citizen media, I made the comment that it is very hard to make a ton of money with Amazon’s affiliate program. Looks like John Gruber’s Daring Fireball blog found the sweet spot for making money with Amazon affiliate links… Who ever said blogging doesn’t pay? Last Tuesday, Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber — one of Apple’s biggest cheerleaders — asked his readers to pre-order the …

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Asheville in the Fall

Asheville, NC really is the most beautiful place in the world in October. Mountains, trees and lots of leaves…

Americans’ Strange Attitudes About the Internet

“It’s a series of TUBESSSSS!” But seriously, we Americans are a pretty frightening lot indeed: To summarize: an alarming percentage of respondents are open to brain implants that allow them to access the internet with their minds and that allow their children’s locations to be tracked, they think government censorship of online video content is acceptable, the internet makes them feel closer to God and less close their significant others – but their own identities …

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Shameful: Search Engine Strategies Bidding on Affiliate Summit

Wow, this is definitely not cool: “I was checking out the natural search results for Affiliate Summit on Google, as I do regularly, and I was surprised at one of the paid ads that was triggered. There was an ad for the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago.” There’s a general rule in the highly competitive affiliate space… don’t piss in the town well.  Looks like SES is definitely doing that by bidding on …

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Thoughts on GMail IMAP

I’m incredibly excited that GMail now has IMAP. Why? I’ve been a devoted GMail user since ’04 just after the launch and have gigs and gigs of emails and content locked up in GMail (bought extra storage to make due).  While GMail has always allowed for POP downloads, IMAP is different. Here’s why… with IMAP, you can have a more seamless email experience because IMAP allows you to sync your email where ever you access …

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According to my new ConvergeSouth pal Wayne Sutton, he’s seeing an IMAP option in his GMail account. Oh please please please let this be true and spread quickly to my account! Google’s Gmail has just integrated IMAP. However, its only appearing in a select accounts. w4 network » Blog Archive » Gmail gets IMAP Update: Looks like it’s official according to Techmeme! Hooray! Update 2: I’ve got IMAP ON MY GMAIL!!

Promoting in a Flat Web

Sean Coon has a great post on the ability of laypersons (in this case musicians) to get their messages, voices and music out to an increasingly large number of folks from desirable demographics by leveraging web services and social platforms. While Sean sticks to the music scene, his post certainly rings true for all of marketing (music is a form of marketing in my book) in general. Recommended reading (especially if you like catchy diagrams): …

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Yahoo (Still) Slipping Affiliate Links Into Organic Search Results

Yahoo’s redirection of links and its “Paid Inclusion” platform is nothing new or newsworthy. However, it’s always a good thing to shine a light on the process of how affiliate links are treated by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask) in order to understand where the affiliate industry stands in its attempt to gain mainstream understanding. Clearly, we in the affiliate marketing industry need to do more in the way of outreach and general …

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Nokia N95 as Mobile Journalism Kit

After having played around with my first Nokia device (the Nokia N800) for about a month now, I can say that Nokia makes some darn snappy gadgets.  The N95 looks like the real JesusPhone to me, and the thought of bundling it as a utilitarian device for the purpose of mobile journalism opens all sorts of future doors… The rise of the cameraphone has certainly changed the face of journalism, and old-guard wire service Reuters …

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New Design

I’ve been reworking to “rebrand” this site a bit as my homebase since I’m so scattered across the various social networks and places like ReveNews. So, I wanted to give this place a little personality and spruce it up with a new look and feel.  I’m a big fan of white space in design as you can probably tell. Let me know if you see any bugs or have any problems! Sam Harrelson

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