To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

I was amazed at the last Buncombe County Democrats convention that there was such a strong presence of delegates who wanted to pass a measure stating that the NC State Gov’t should not require vaccinations of children based on fears of heavy metal poisoning, autism, etc. 

I’ve followed some of Robert Kennedy Jr’s work in this area, but I have to tell you that I’m not convinced.  Anna (who is a physician) and I have had many conversations about childhood vaccinations, especially since the birth of Mary Hudson.  Sure there is some corruption by the big pharma companies, but in general, I’d rather have MH protected from such preventable things as the whopping cough (which seems to be prevalent here in Asheville b/c of the number of children that aren’t vaccinated by choice). 

Here’s a fun riff on the subject:

On the other hand, pharma-funded think tank wingnuts say the real problem is baseless lawsuits by money-grubbing autistic kids. Either way, you just know the issue is screwed up when Mississippi and West Virginia come off sounding like the reasonable ones.

Crazy Hippies Pose As Jesusfreaks To Avoid Vaccinating Their Kids — Daddy Types

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