Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Why You Should Avoid the Google Slap


People in the online marketing world like to pound their chest and declare their independence from Google’s firm grasp over the online marketing landscape.

However, that’s just not a realistic business plan unless you have a boatload of venture capital as backup (or a trust fund).

I’m guessing most affiliate marketers have neither.

Pop!Tech: Is Larry Page the Ben Bernake of the Internet? | Design of the Times | Fast Company: “‘Google measures somebody’s reputational assets, turns it into a page rank, and determines search traffic,’ says Anderson. That traffic can then be converted to money. Think of the conversion this way: Links to page rank to search to traffic to ads to money. Like currency conversion rates in international banking, the conversion rate for reputation is now getting quite formal.

‘We now have a central banker for the internet economy,’ Anderson says. ‘Larry page is the Ben Bernake of the Google economy, since he controls page rank.’ “

In other words, (to paraphrase Willie Nelson) if you’re gonna dance at the affiliate marketing prom, you gotta pay the (Google) band.

Stay clean, stay away from paid links and paid posts and don’t rely too heavily on the tea leaves. In other words, make good use of Google’s WebMaster Central if you want to be successful.

Posted: 10.26.2008

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