Completely Open Android Mobile Device Coming?


Back in my more idealistic days of using only open source operating systems and devices, I wrote a piece about what I thought was going to be a game changer… the OpenMoko. I was wrong on that one.

However, there are still some keeping the open source device dream alive.

One of my favorite blogs these days has a great scoop on a potential device in the works from the people at OpenMoko that leverages Google’s open source Android operating system. This could really be something to get excited about:

OpenMoko at Work on Android Handset | AndroidGuys: “OpenMoko is working with the Android platform as we speak and look to have something soon. Soon like maybe November.

You know who OpenMoko is, right? The Neo1973 and FreeRunner guys. Thanks to one of our readers, we’ve got some nice gems to share with the class. Our source for this information has already proven themselves with previous tips that have panned out rather big so we feel pretty good about this one.”

Why am I so interested in this when we’ve already had the second (3G) coming of the JesusPhone? A couple of reasons:

1) As elegant as the iPhone is, we need competition. Steve Jobs and company will make better products if Google / Nokia / etc is breathing down his back.
2) The current system of mobile economics in the US is downright terrible. Not many people enjoy dealing with their mobile carrier, the rates are insanely high (a megabyte of text data is more expensive than gold…we’re talking printer ink numbers) and the choices offered by the mobile carriers here is stifling adoption of smarter phones. A popular open device could help push the mobile carriers towards needed reform.
3) I still believe in the open movement.

What do you think? Could a device like this work in the States?

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