Zoho and the Cloud Stability Question

11 thoughts on “Zoho and the Cloud Stability Question”

  1. so sam, tell me, do you really think this can replace gmail, google sites, google docs, basecamp, campfire, etc. etc.? it certainly has the app checklist covered.unlimited space? sounds like a disaster in the making.I don't know if I can trust all that to a relative unknown like zoho.

  2. Yep, I have the same “fears” and that is why I've pretty much stuck withGoogle over the last few months.However, Zoho does have a foothold in the enterprise space, a nice businessmodel and the ability to innovate because of their flexibility and seemingcash-flow.Last year at this time, I honestly thought Zoho was going to be acquired byMicrosoft. It doesn't seem like that is going to be the case, so thequestion becomes can they be solvent on their own. I think they can (andGoogle competition is always good), but I still am hesitant to make the fullswitch without some reassurances about the 5 year plan.But still… check out Zoho Mail. You of all people would like.

  3. You've outlined the benefits and concerns with “cloud computing” well. My enthusiasm for the flexiblity is offset by the doubts about security and reliability you mention.I'll check it out and let you know what I think…

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