FailSense and Putting out the FeedBurner Flame

9 thoughts on “FailSense and Putting out the FeedBurner Flame”

  1. yep, i remember your posts, especially the ones about the previous FeedBurner Monetization system compared to AdSense. good stuff. just so many missed chances and implications for real innovation of both RSS and ad delivery… guess even the google jumps for quick cash sometimes.

  2. I was a big Writely fan, so I'm glad to see what they've done turning that platform into Google Docs. Other than that, I've been amazed at the acquisition stagnation with really promising apps (GrandCentral and Jaiku come to mind).

  3. I actually just read up yesterday on how the subscriber count is calculated (my husband asked…and it was easier to read the FAQ to him…) and was even more irritated that it's lookin' like a red-headed step child. At least they're not letting it get stomped on by competing services (like Jaiku, Picasa, Orkut, I'm sure the list goes on) and it still has it's uses, but meh… I use GrandCentral as my “work number” so I'd love to see cool new features, but really, my expectations are low and I'm just hoping they don't screw it up.I think Google buys other web services like you & Shawn buy random domains…

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