Julian of Norwich mp3’s

Here is a great resource of mp3 recordings of notable texts from the early Medieval period, including a recording of the Westminister Manuscript version of Julian of Norwich’s Showings:

Voice Recording of Westminster Manuscript Julian of Norwich, Showing of Love: Julian1.mp3, Julian2.mp3, Julian3.mp3, Julian4.mp3

Beyond Julian, there’s a whole slew of other recordings linked (I haven’t listened to all of these, so no idea on the quality, etc):

Voice Recording of The Soul a City: Julian and Margery

Voice Recording of Julian of Norwich, The Lord and the Servant Newest

Voice Recording of Martin Buber’s Julian of Norwich

Song Recording of Lydia McCauley, Sabbath Day’s Journey: ‘And All Shall Be Well’

Voice Recording of Thomas Gascoigne’s Life of St Birgitta at birgitvita.mp3 Newest

Voice Recording of Quaker John Woolman, Plea for the Poor: Woolman1.mp3, Woolman2.mp3, Woolman3.mp3, Woolman4.mp3

Voice Recording of Augustine, Confessions XI

Recording of Ambrosian Chant, ‘Deus Creator Omnium’, heard by Augustine in Milan

Voice Recording of Augustine, Boethius, Dionysius, Dante: Julian’s Mystical Philosophy at augmyst.mp3

Voice Recordings in italiano of Dante Alighieri, Commedia, recited, Carlo Poli,
Lettura di Carlo Poli, Inferno I, Inferno II, Inferno III, Inferno IV, Inferno V, Inferno VIII, Inferno X, Inferno XIII, Inferno XV, Inferno XVI, Inferno XXXIII, Inferno XXXIV
Purgatorio I, Purgatorio II, Purgatorio III, Purgatorio IV, Purgatorio V, Purgatorio VI, Purgatorio VII, Purgatorio VIII, Purgatorio X, Purgatorio XI, Purgatorio XX, Purgatorio XXI, Purgatorio XXIX, Purgatorio XXX, Purgatorio XXXI, Purgatorio XXXII, Purgatorio XXXIII, Paradiso I, Paradiso II, Paradiso III, Paradiso IV, Paradiso V, Paradiso XXXIII, Padre Nostro, Vergine Madre

Voice Recording of Poems Pennyeach at poems.mp3

Song and Voice Recording of Hedera, who is Rom from Romania, singing ‘Alleluia’

Voice Recording of Romany Vocabulary by Daniel Dumitrescu, Vandana Culea and JBH at Romany.mp3


Additionally, you can read Julian of Norwich’s text via Google’s increasingly excellent Book Search feature: Julian of Norwich on Google Books

Always great to find these sorts of free resources out there on materials that are in the public domain. I normally much prefer the quality and presentation of a “paid” version (such as the Classics of Western Spirituality edition
which has twice as much material from the editors and relevant scholars as primary text itself), but the Google search is handy if you don’t want/need that much secondary depth or quality.

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