Why I’m Sticking with AT&T (and Glad to See BUMPzee Back)

One thought on “Why I’m Sticking with AT&T (and Glad to See BUMPzee Back)”

  1. I’ve had way fewer dropped calls than I expected coming from Verizon to AT&T. The 3G has been superb (though I do live in a state capitol that is a fairly large AT&T hub) and thinking about not being able to use data (read: Internet) while on a voice call cuts that capabilities of the iPhone in half, for me. I am regularly on a call with someone needing to look something up on the Internet or pull up a map.I’m hoping, with you, that AT&T only gets better as people flock to VZ. Also, though AT&T is often rather slow in implementing new features (MMS, tethering, etc.), it seems that they really try to do their homework before they let a new feature hit their network, hopefully, causing far fewer issues once it’s live.

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