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I Love Paul Rand

<![CDATA[ The absence in art of a well-formulated and systematized body of literature makes the problem of teaching a perplexing one. The subject is further complicated by the elusive and personal nature of art. Granted that a student’s ultimate success will depend largely on his natural talents, the problem still remains: how best to arouse his curiosity, hold his attention, and engage his creative faculties. via Go read the whole piece. Just fantastic, fascinating …

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Turtle Tree

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20 Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

<![CDATA[ Twitter chats are such a great way to stay connected and informed in your professional circle, and education is no exception. Through education chats, you can find out about new methods for teaching, tech resources, even jobs for teachers. Most chats are held weekly, and offer an opportunity to have a regularly scheduled conversation with like-minded educators. via Love the times and schedule listings for these… better than cable! Permalink | Leave a …

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