Month: September 2015

Marketing Plan Tips

“Without a solid marketing plan, too much is left to chance. When you rely on “hope based marketing” you’re at very high risk of losing money, time, and traction, because nothing is strategic and everything is reactive.” Source: How to Write a Marketing Plan — Ecommerce Marketing Blog – Ecommerce News, Online Store Tips & More by Shopify Shopify has a blog that’s always worthwhile read for small business owners (Shopify is a content management …

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Introducing the U.S. Web Design Standards

“The U.S. Web Design Standards are the U.S. government’s very own set of common UI components and visual styles for websites. It’s a resource designed to make things easier for government designers and developers, while raising the bar on what the American people can expect from their digital experiences.” Source: 18F — Introducing the U.S. Web Design Standards Interesting move by our government, and definitely something that needed to be done. The four goals they …

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Why All Podcasts Sound the Same

One of the things Thomas and I try to do with Thinking Religion, as well as Elisabeth and Merianna on Thinking Out Loud (and all of our Thinking.FM podcasts) is sound different by sounding like ourselves. “My Wife Quit Her Job podcaster Steve Chou is, like Nick Loper, another savvy online marketer who realizes the algorithm might be his most important audience member. Subscribers are another key piece of landing in the iTunes New & …

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Joe Maddon doesn’t care and neither should your business, church, or organization.

“Maddon doesn’t care what you think of his lineup. He doesn’t care what you think of where or when he plays his veterans and rookies. He doesn’t care that your uncle was buried having never witnessed a Cubs World Series championship. It’s a trait we rarely see in Cubs managers.” Source: Cure for Cubs? Joe Maddon doesn’t care Stop caring what you think others will think and take your team to the post-season.

Episode 1: Thinking Out Loud 83: Putting Characters In Their Place – Thinking.FM

Elisabeth and Merianna talk about developing the place as you write a manuscript and the dilemma of floating characters. They also discuss the stalling or need to take a break that comes after pressing send and how to overcome that and continue to write! Show Notes A Bug’s Life Honey, I Shrunk the Kids What Happens After the First Draft Seventh Sanctum Smoke and Mirrors Trigger Warning American Gods What Elisabeth and Merianna are Reading …

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The United States’ Poor Record on LTE

“Conversely some of the earliest adopters of LTE — like the U.S., Japan, Sweden and Germany — are starting to fall behind in terms of data performance. In part, these older networks are suffering from their own success. In the U.S., for instance, LTE’s introduction in 2010 resulted in a huge base of LTE subscribers in the country today. Those subscribers are all competing for the same network resources, slowing down average speeds. In comparison, …

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Sam’s Public Feedly Collections

“Feedly connects you to the information and knowledge you care about. We help you get more out of you work, education, hobbies and interests. The feedly platform lets you discover sources of quality content, follow and read everything those sources publish with ease and organize everything in one place.” Source: Sam’s public feedly collections I use Feedly as my RSS reader and go through a good many blog and website stories everyday on topics ranging …

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Americans Don’t Understand What it Means to Be Pastoral

We too easily understand the differences between “conservative” and “progressive” but our churches have taught us very little about what being “pastoral” actually means… “Americans are often tempted to read Francis as a “progressive” pope who has tossed out the conservative playbook of Church leaders past. After all, he’s thrown down scathing critiques of global capitalism, pushed for radical reform on climate change, and shifted the Church’s tone on issues like homosexuality, divorce, and abortion. …

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On Invoking Galileo and Columbus in Your Arguments

“If you are arguing against climate change, vaccines, evolution, etc. you do not get to invoke Galileo because in any accurate analogy, you are the religious fanatics (or the astronomers who blindly clung to Aristotle).” Source: No one thought that Galileo was crazy, and everyone in Columbus’s day knew that the earth was round | The Logic of Science If only I had a dime for every time I’ve encountered the “Yeah? Well, everyone thought …

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An Individual Can Be Wiser Than the Crowd

“Another benefit of the SEP’s not being crowdsourced is that minority views get more exposure.  Wikipedia’s overview of feminist philosophy is hopelessly short. The SEP has dozens of meticulously researched entries. A 2012 survey by Wikimedia, Wikipedia’s parent organization, found that about 90% of its volunteers were men. “Its entries on Pokemon and female porn stars are comprehensive, but its pages on female novelists or places in sub-Saharan Africa are sketchy,” said the MIT Technology Review …

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Small Business and Church Unwillingness to Be Personal

‘”We believe the new bars will inspire people to not only quickly identify their own symptoms and satisfy their hunger, but give them a new, fun way to call-out friends and family on who they become when they’re hungry, too,” says Snickers brand director Allison Miazga-Bedrick.” Source: Snickers Swaps Out Its Brand Name for Hunger Symptoms on Painfully Honest Packaging | Adweek “Brand apathy” is a very real and serious issue for both large and …

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Forget Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z

“Generational study being more art than science, there is considerable dispute about the definition of Generation Z. Demographers place its beginning anywhere from the early ’90s to the mid-2000s. Marketers and trend forecasters, however, who tend to slice generations into bite-size units, often characterize this group as a roughly 15-year bloc starting around 1996, making them 5 to 19 years old now. (By that definition, millennials were born between about 1980 and 1995, and are …

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Delusions of Grandeur by @jason

“There are too many Padawans right now and not enough teachers. The Galaxy is flooded with people who think they can do what founders do in their lives: sacrifice everything.” Source: You don’t have what it takes | Good points from Jason on the startup myth with a nod to the Jedi myth. I know I’ve been there and felt the sting before succeeding. “There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at …

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18th Century Contextual Advertising

Does this advertisement from the May 10, 1764 issue of Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette make you want to pick up some Benjamin Jackson Mustard and Chocolate? Source: 18th Century Advertising, When Brevity Wasn’t Key | Rag Linen | Online Museum of Historic Newspapers We complain about ads on the web (or Facebook) today, but the convention is nothing new. Our ability to contextualize ads, and ignore them, are interesting developments in our own own structural …

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Margaret Atwood: Double-Plus Unfree

Though our digital technologies have made life super-convenient for us – just tap and it’s yours, whatever it is – maybe it’s time for us to recapture some of the territory we’ve ceded. Time to pull the blinds, exclude the snoops, recapture the notion of privacy. Go offline. Any volunteers? Right. I thought not. It won’t be easy. Source: Margaret Atwood: we are double-plus unfree | Books | The Guardian Part of my daily tension …

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“…let him declare what he seeth…” or Apple vs the Web

  “And with iOS 9 and content blockers, what you’re seeing is Apple’s attempt to fully drive the knife into Google’s revenue platform. iOS 9 includes a refined search that auto-suggests content and that can search inside apps, pulling content away from Google and users away from the web, it allows users to block ads, and it offers publishers salvation in the form of Apple News, inside of which Apple will happily display (unblockable!) ads, …

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“We cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should, and he should answer us, we should despise him for it.”

“We cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should, and he should answer us, we should despise him for it.” Source: Lincoln – David Herbert Donald – Google Books A little reminder of what’s good about the United States on this night of shameful performances at the GOP Debate on the question of Supreme Court litmus tests.

Wofford College to host presidential forum in October

The school will host the Commander-in-Chief Presidential Forum, featuring Republican presidential candidates, from 7 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 15 in Leonard Auditorium. All major Republican candidates have been invited to participate in the event, part of the Hipp Lecture Series on International Affairs and National Security. The event is co-sponsored by the S.C. Republican Party, and will be moderated by former S.C. Gov. David Beasley. It will be free and open to the public. …

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Facebook Will Be Mostly Videos Soon

“A year or two from now, we think Facebook will be mostly video,” said Facebook’s head of ad product Ted Zagat during a panel at Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit in Los Angeles Wednesday. Source: Facebook Will Be Mostly Videos Soon, Says Facebook Exec | Variety We got the micro-chunks part right, Wayne… we just didn’t realize the chunks would be video and not text.

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