An Individual Can Be Wiser Than the Crowd

“Another benefit of the SEP’s not being crowdsourced is that minority views get more exposure.  Wikipedia’s overview of feminist philosophy is hopelessly short. The SEP has dozens of meticulously researched entries. A 2012 survey by Wikimedia, Wikipedia’s parent organization, found that about 90% of its volunteers were men. “Its entries on Pokemon and female porn stars are comprehensive, but its pages on female novelists or places in sub-Saharan Africa are sketchy,” said the MIT Technology Review in its article The Decline of Wikipedia, which criticizes its byzantine editing hierarchy. The same goes for an important idea in philosophy: feminism.”

Source: This free online encyclopedia has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of – Quartz

Not just a better Wikipedia, but a better model for the internet? Perhaps in some ways, but decentralized federation has its own beauty as well.

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