“The eighteen minutes that Joe Biden spoke with Stephen Colbert produced the most public and painful demonstration of emotional honesty by any politician in months, if not years. Biden could never speak in a campaign quite the way that he spoke on Colbert. But a version of that would be powerful, and it was impossible not to see, in the Biden interview, a rebuttal to Trump’s moment in America—to the notion of self-promotion as success, of cruelty as candor, of empathy as weakness.”

Source: Biden, Alone in a Crowd – The New Yorker

“I fully think apologizing is a great thing,” the famously self-assured Trump replied before winning the studio audience’s applause by adding: “But you have to be WRONG. … I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong.”

Source: Donald Trump gets rich with his humorous ‘Tonight Show’ turn

Run, Joe.

About the Author Sam Harrelson

Digital Marketing and Technology Consultant and Podcaster at Thinking.FM

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