Logo redesigns that missed the mark

The foundation of any brand is its logo. As such, with every redesign, a brand risks alienating its core following, who then flock to social media to broadcast their disapproval.

But why do logo redesigns upset us so much? It all boils down to identity. People with strong connections to a brand tend to react negatively to redesigns, ultimately affecting their attitudes towards the brand as a whole.

Source: 10 logo redesigns that missed the (brand)mark

I’m a fan of Google’s redesign as well as AirBNB (despite their blatant copying of a previous mark). Nonetheless, logos and identity matter just as much now as in the glory days of print. With the advent and ease of expressing personal opinions, perhaps even more so.

Regardless, if you’re a business owner or decider, it’s important to take into account other design variables and not just your own personal tastes. That’s what people like me do for a living.

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