The Golden Age of Apps are Over – Messengers Will Rule


“The golden era of mobile apps is already over. Americans have been downloading zero of them per month on average. Most of us have all the apps we need and have narrowed our use down to a few messaging and social networking services. So, instead of wasting thousands of dollars pushing an app on an unwilling public, businesses like Bauer Kitchen are taking their business to services such as Kik, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that their customers are already using to text.

Source: Kik Battles Facebook With Bots In The New Messaging Wars – Forbes

2016 is the year that messaging apps mature into commerce environments that companies will build on top of, rather than building their own apps.

You’ll be ordering food, hailing cabs, buying tickets, and checking the weather all within the same app you message your friends very soon.

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  2. Sorry where did you get this stat detailing American’s downloading zero apps on average per month? Never mind for a moment the mathematical issues of that but a reference will be good enough for now. What leads you to believe that users want to do anything but message in these apps outside of the vendors looking to monitize? Finally your statement “most of us have all the apps we need…” reminded of that often quoted “Everything that can be Invented has been Invented – Duell 1899”. I’ll leave it at that.


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