Thrive AI Health from OpenAI Founder

Fascinating read from Sam Altman and Ariana Huffington here as they release Thrive AI Health, which will be something of an AI coach backed by OpenAI / ChatGPT. Combining this with Apple Intelligence is going to be interesting…

AI-Driven Behavior Change Could Transform Health Care | TIME:

Using AI in this way would also scale and democratize the life-saving benefits of improving daily habits and address growing health inequities. Those with more resources are already in on the power of behavior change, with access to trainers, chefs, and life coaches. But since chronic diseases—like diabetes and cardiovascular disease—are distributed unequally across demographics, a hyper-personalized AI health coach would help make healthy behavior changes easier and more accessible. For instance, it might recommend a healthy, inexpensive recipe that can be quickly made with few ingredients to replace a fast-food dinner.

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