Signal’s Crypto Problem

Similar thoughts on Signal’s cryptocurrency announcement yesterday to Diehl’s post here… (side note: I wish more people still used blogs as their social outlet for these types of thoughts):

Signal users are overwhelmingly tech savvy consumers and we’re not idiots. Do they think we don’t see through the thinly veiled pump and dump scheme that’s proposed? It’s an old scam with a new face.

Via Stephen Diehl – Et tu, Signal?

Kodak Launches Cryptocurrency Called ‘Kodakcoin’

“Shares in Eastman Kodak Co. jumped as much as 77 percent after the former camera and film heavyweight said it would launch the Kodakcoin, “a photocentric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.”

Source: Kodak Surges After Announcing Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency Called ‘Kodakcoin’

Interesting… I’ll be watching this to see how successful Kodak is with implementation and how widely adopted Kodakcoin is adopted by the photography community.

I can imagine a whole range of niche cryptocurrencies being developed by companies or groups aimed at very targeted usage as crypto and blockchain technology becomes more democratized.

I would not want to be a regional or national bank or financial institution that hadn’t started at least research into these tech platforms.