How NOT to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

5 thoughts on “How NOT to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Sam, you contradict yourself with points 4 and 5 here. If one is adhereing to morals I think it’s critical not to support spam and other things that hurt the net and the overall reputation of online marketing.

  2. Hi Rob-

    Couldn’t agree more.

    However, it’s not a black and white issue. CJ has supported some very nasty malware in the past and some would argue with a few of its current publishers. Linkshare is in a similar boat. However, the vast majority of publishers don’t mind doing business with them.

    So, if you find CJ or Azoogle doing something you don’t agree with ethically or morally (relative terms as I said), then you shouldn’t do business with them… but you can’t ignore them because of past reputation.

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