Keywords Application Info for New Affiliate Marketers

4 thoughts on “Keywords Application Info for New Affiliate Marketers”

  1. I have used KeywordDiscovery too and I found it useful to my Blogging, to target the right keywords that most people are trying to search on the search engines. But I do have a huge number of competitors that are also has a huge number of traffics.

    And a beginner or a newbie just like me who just started a blog or a site is a no match with those sites who already established good traffics for a while. So, I read a lot of articles and researched a good tools that can track down easily what are my competitors are doing on their keyword strategy and I bump with this newly launched keyword tool, the KeywordSpy – keyword research tool. Using this tool gave me an opportunity to immediately track down my competitors and gather keywords for the promotional campaign of my blog, though I am only using their free trial version.

    So far, I like the tool but I am no expert on SEO tools so I guess an advice from an expert in SEO like you is a good idea. Was this tool an excellent tool for a beginner like me or should I stick on using those who already serve for many years now?

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