Keywords Application Info for New Affiliate Marketers

Google Analytics or WordTracker?

I honestly enjoy the WordTracker service. Google Analytics is great for analyzing what sort of traffic is coming to your site as well.


Realizing what sort of traffic is coming to your site based on the keyword is definitely helpful. Here’s a little of my secret sauce… you must make a differentiation between what is considered a “money keyword” and a “traffic keyword.” That’s common knowledge among most of the established affiliates, but if you’re just starting out, that wisdom will save you lots of time.

I like to convert my keywords at a certain percentage, depending on which niche site I’m using. So, you have to decide which keywords are most valuable to you depending on the traffic or “money” keywords.

Keep in mind that the type of offer and the profit margin has a great deal to do with how effective your keyword might/shoudl be.

Play with keywords, check out WordTracker and Google Trends and see what you can do. This is still a relatively new market in the general world of marketing. It’s a lot of fun to experience and try to predict, but you can really break down your keywords into what is profitable and what is not.

Here’s my final tip for figuring out what keywords to include in your efforts:

Look at the backlinks of your competitors!

Let me know if you need help!


4 thoughts on “Keywords Application Info for New Affiliate Marketers”

  1. I have used KeywordDiscovery too and I found it useful to my Blogging, to target the right keywords that most people are trying to search on the search engines. But I do have a huge number of competitors that are also has a huge number of traffics.

    And a beginner or a newbie just like me who just started a blog or a site is a no match with those sites who already established good traffics for a while. So, I read a lot of articles and researched a good tools that can track down easily what are my competitors are doing on their keyword strategy and I bump with this newly launched keyword tool, the KeywordSpy – keyword research tool. Using this tool gave me an opportunity to immediately track down my competitors and gather keywords for the promotional campaign of my blog, though I am only using their free trial version.

    So far, I like the tool but I am no expert on SEO tools so I guess an advice from an expert in SEO like you is a good idea. Was this tool an excellent tool for a beginner like me or should I stick on using those who already serve for many years now?

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